• chevron_rightHow is the Association managed?
    Docks at Caney Creek Property Owners Assocation, Inc. is administered by a five-member Board of Directors. The Board engages a professional association management company to administer and operate the Association. The management firm also provides banking and financial accounting for the Assocation and is the primary contact for property owners on a day-to-day basis.
  • chevron_rightHow is Association leadership determined?
    Directors for the Association Board of Directors are elected during the annual property owners meeting held in October of each year. Each Director holds a three year term; however, the terms are off-set so that only a portion of the Board positions is available for election in each year. This offset helps ensure year-to-year continuity of community knowledge and stability of Association leadership. Below is the nominal Director term off-set schedule. The Association’s officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) are selected annually by the Board of Directors from among the elected Directors in an informal process conducted by the Board.
    Board of Directors Term Rotation Policy
    Director Position Yr. X Yr. X+1 Yr. X+2 Yr. X+3 And so on
    A 3 2 Left 1 Left
    3 New
    2 Left
    B 2 1 Left
    3 New
    2 Left 1 Left
    C 2 1 Left
    3 New
    2 Left 1 Left
    D 1 3 New 2 Left 1 Left
    3 New
    E 1
    3 New
    2 Left 1 Left
    3 New
  • chevron_rightHow are assessments determined and what is the money used for?
    Assessments are determined based on an annual budget setting forth planned operational and capital improvement income and expenses. The budget is proposed to the property owners at the annual property owners meeting each October for the following calendar year and after appropriate discussion, a motion and vote is held to approve a budget and its associated assessments for dues and capital reserves. Each month of the budget year, the association management company produces a detailed financial statement which is posted on this web site in a separate page, providing full transparency of financial operations to property owners.
  • chevron_rightWho do I call if I notice something wrong in the subdivision that needs Association attention?
    Call HOA Management using the contact information on the Contact page of this website. HOA Management is authorized by the Board of Directors to take necessary and appropriate action on behalf of the Association to maintain the subdivision in accordance with approved budget allowances and prudent maintenance practices – without having to seek advance Board approval.  
  • chevron_rightDo construction plans have to be approved by the Association?
    Yes, new construction and exterior modifications to existing homes and landscaping must be approved by the Design Review Board. Download the Design Guidelines from the Community Documents page of this website to obtain the Design Guidelines.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get an entrance gate remote controller?
    Contact HOA Management, Inc. using the Contact page in this website. The Association does not provide controllers. These must be purchased and HOA Management can arrange for the right controller. Neither HOA Management or the Association receives any benefit from these purchases.
  • chevron_rightHow can I use the tennis courts?
    Contact HOA Management, Inc. using the Contact page in this website.
  • chevron_rightCan my friend temporarily moor a boat at the docks?
    At this time, there are no unassigned slips available in the marina for shared community use that a transient boater may temporarily use if invited by a lot owner. If a Lot Owner allows a transient boater to use a vacant slip, the Lot Owner assumes full liability for compliance with rules and regulations for dock usage (available on the Docks page of this website) and for any and all actions and damages caused by the transient boater.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I have to do to store a boat or RV in the RV storage lot?
    Contact HOA Management and register your vehicle. You will need current proof of ownership or registration. HOA Management maintains the registry so as to be able to contact owners in the event of an emergency and to control proper use of the RV Lot. The Rules and Regulations, which you can download from the Community Documents page of this website includes a section concerning the RV Lot.
  • chevron_rightCan the Club House be used for personal events?
    Yes, so long as the use is non-profit and the Lot Owner reserves the use through HOA Management, which coordinates all such bookings to avoid conflicts. The Lot Owner must sign a Club House Use Agreement and make a deposit of $250, which is returned if the Club House is left in properly clean condition and undamaged. These arrangements are more fully discussed in the Club House Use Agreement, which can be downloaded from the Community Amenities page of this website.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get or replace a mailbox key?
    Mailbox kiosk keys are available through HOA Management. Contact HOA Management, Inc. using the Contact page in this website. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I arrange deliveries through the entrance gates?
    To be determined.
  • chevron_rightHow are garage sales handled with the entrance gates?
    Garage sales are conducted on specific days for the entire subdivision. On those days the entrance gates are left open for free passage. A prominent sign will be placed on Caney Creek Road by the Association and Lot Owners may place temporary garage sale signs on their lots during these occasions. See the Rules and Regulations on the Community Documents page of this website for more information.
  • chevron_rightCan I put up a For Rent or For Sale sign in my yard?
    The proper “For Sale” or “For Lease” sign must be provided by the Lot Owner and must be 18’’ x 24” aluminum as per Custom Cut Aluminum (manufacturer) or equivalent.
    Background color must be either i) painted (baked-on) ivy green, color #171 or equivalent, or ii) vinyl covered with forest green (Oracal 651 Intermediate Cal, Color #613 or Avery Intermediate Opaque Series A6685-O also referenced as HP 700 785-O; or equivalent).
    Lettering, symbols, and logos shall be applied vinyl in beige color (Oracal 651 Intermediate #082 or Avery Intermediate Opaque Series A 6220-O also referenced as HP 700 920-O; or equivalent).
    Printing directly on the metal background is permissible as long as the green background and beige letter colors are as specified above. Such signs may display the lot number, phase number, street address, real estate brokerage name or “For Sale By Owner”, sales representative name and telephone number. Realtor logos are permitted.
    Sign stands shall be the standard 18” X 24” two-prong, black realtor sign holder.
    All such signs shall face the road that provides vehicular access to the lot and be set back from the curb a minimum of twenty (20) feet or against the back edge of the Association-mowed frontage of the lot, whichever is less, situated at an elevation that is conveniently observable from vehicles.
    All Star Promotions
    2917 Roane State Hwy
    Harriman, TN 37748
    Sign Shop
    402-A Ruitan Road
    Harriman, TN 37748
    Fast Signs
    7013 Kingston Pike
    Knoxville, TN 37919
    The Sign Shop
    2355 Highway 411
    Madisonville, TN 37354
  • chevron_rightWhat are the utilities in the subdivision?
    Download the Design Guidelines from the Community Documents page of this website; they contain an entire section on utilities serving the subdivision.
  • chevron_rightCan I do work on my lot before I build?
    Download the Rules and Regulations from the Community Documents page of this website; they contain a section on what work is permitted without advance approval of the Design Review Board.
  • chevron_rightDo I need Association approval to build a private dock for my lot?
    Yes. The Declaration grants the Association power to approve all proposed private dock construction, regardless of whether it is permitted by TVA. The Design Guidelines provide additional information on these requirements. You should obtain approval by the Association prior to applying to TVA for a permit.
  • chevron_rightCan I attend a Board of Directors Meeting?
    Lot Owners in good standing with the Association are welcome to attend Board of Directors meetings. Currently, Board meetings are held generally on the third Friday of each month at 2:00pm. Interested Lot Owners should contact HOA Management in advance to verify that the  Board meeting is still scheduled and to request seating (which is limited). Frequently, Board meetings are held via Zoom and Lot Owners may participate on these calls also by arranging for an email meeting invitation that contains the log-in information. Please indicate to HOA Management whether there is something specific you want to discuss or learn about so that the Board can be better prepared for the discussion.
  • chevron_rightCan I hunt on my lot?
    No. The Rules and Regulations prohibit the discharge of firearms or archery within the subdivision.
  • chevron_rightWho owns the wooded lot on the shore point of the big cove?
    This parcel of land is owned and controlled by TVA and is a designated “Safe Harbor” mooring area for commercial towers and barges. The Association has no responsibility for this land. There is no hunting permitted on this land.
  • chevron_rightWhy can’t we use the Boat Ramp?
    The original installation of the boat ramp by Land Resources (the now defunct developer) was defective. The ramp is too shallow during summer pool depth to safely launch boats from trailers, thus, a tow vehicle would have to back completely down into the water to be able to (maybe) launch a boat. With an improved public launching ramp less than a mile from the subdivision, the Board of Directors has not deemed the rebuilding of the DACC boat ramp a high priority for the time being. This position can be re-evaluated by Association members at each Annual Meeting when considering future capital improvements plans and associated assessments.
  • chevron_rightCan I see what my neighbor is planning to build?
    Yes. The Design Review Board, under authority granted by the Board of Directors, utilizes a process set forth in the Design Guidelines (which can be downloaded from the Community Documents page of this website) that affords opportunities for interested lot owners to see and provide appropriate input on applications for design review submitted to the Design Review Board. It is the interested party’s sole responsibility to arrange to provide input within these guidelines.
  • chevron_rightHow can my family use the swimming pool?
    The swimming pool does not have life guards, so swim at your own risk. Minors under the age of 16 unaccompanied by a responsible adult are not permitted in or around the swimming pool. The community Rules and Regulations (which can be downloaded from the Community Documents page of this website) contains a section governing use of the pool. You can obtain a code from HOA Management (use the Contact page of this website) to access the clubhouse (deactivate/re-activate the clubhouse intrusion alarm system) for use of the clubhouse bathrooms.
  • chevron_rightAre there open burning restrictions?
    Yes. The Rules and Regulations (which can be downloaded from the Community Documents page of this website) prohibits burning on lots. 
  • chevron_rightCan families use the docks for recreational purposes such as fishing or picnicing?
    The docks are reserved for the exclusive use of the slip licensees, who are responsible for the upkeep of the docks and associated insurance and taxes. Thier use of the docks is governed by a detailed slip license agreement that imposes certain insurance requirements on licensees and rules and regulations on the use of the docks. Lot owners who are not slip licensees are not permitted to utilize the docks for any reason unless as a guest of and accompanied by a Slip Licensee in good standing.
  • chevron_rightAre modular homes permitted in the community?
    No, modular homes are not permitted.